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About BCIO Search

BCIO Search allows users to explore the BCIO and to search for specific entities. For each entity, it shows its parent classes and subclasses. It shows fields relating to the entity, including informal definitions and elaborations. It also includes entities that are still under development and shows where they are in the development process.

BCIO Search is an excellent way of adding references to entities into papers and protocols. You just find the entity you want to enter, use Zotero's web browser extension or the Endnote browser extension to add the web page into your bibliographic database and then add the citation as you would any other citation. More information is provided in the BCIO Tools section of this website.

BCIO Search links with the Qeios publishing platform on which entities that have passed through an initial checking process are published with a doi number so that they are easy to cite as references as one would an article in a journal.

*Note: There are some glitches in the BCIO with classes appearing under incorrect parent classes. These are being fixed as soon as possible.*